Leaving your home can be bittersweet. You are able to take a much needed vacation and enjoy some time away from the chaos that your life may be; however, you’ll miss sleeping in your own bed, in being in your own house, and your everyday routine. Additionally, it can be sort of nerve-wrecking to go to another place and leave your home by itself. You know it’ll be fine, but what if there’s an emergency? Who is going to look after your home if something were to happen? Furthermore, it can be difficult to find someone reliable to watch over your home and make sure everything is as it should be. Sometimes it’s easier to skip out on the vacation altogether, but who really wants to do that? When you go away, it’s a good idea to have someone collect your mail, make sure that the landscaping service comes, and if there is a pest problem to ensure the disaster is eliminated before you come home. Even if this is your second home, you want to make sure your assets are protected. This is where HomesGroup-Hawai’i step in. Based on the Big Island, we’ll cater to those who need a little extra help overseeing the house while they are elsewhere. From second homes to rental properties, we’re able to help you where it really counts.

About The Hele On Services

The Hele On service is a little different than our other two services. Hele On is a more a la cart service. Instead of having a designated property management service such as the Pualani and Kuleana, the Hele On service is when you are able to pick what you want. At HomesGroup-Hawai’i, we want to make sure you are comfortable with going away for an extended amount of time and knowing your estate is in good hands. The Hele On service is a more customized approach than our other two services. With an as-needed basis from each individual that comes to us for our services, the Hele On service is for your specific individual needs. Additionally, you can pick the vehicle and home overview services we have listed on the Estate Services page to figure out how you want your home to be looked after while you’re away. From organizing pick up and drop off transportation to ensuring we are the on-island contact for your home, you’ll be comfortable knowing your home is in such good hands while you’re away.

Why You Should Choose Our Property Management Services

HomesGroup-Hawai’i is based on a desire to help you as the homeowner. Instead of asking neighbors or friends to watch over your home, we’ll do everything you ask of us and we won’t forget. If you’re gone for a lengthy amount of time, it might be a hindrance to ask your neighbors to grab your mail for three months or to open the door for the landscapers once every two weeks. You can rely on us to do everything needed to keep your home in tip-top shape. With a team of dependable, informed, and experienced property management managers, you won’t have to feel nervous knowing that your home is in someone else’s hands. Contact us to learn more about the Hele On service.