• When you leave your home while on vacation, isn’t peace of mind important?
  • When you go on vacation, don’t you want to enjoy the time away from reality?
  • Don’t you want to eliminate worrying about what may be going on in your home?

The very definition of going on vacation is to get away from the chaos that may be intertwined with your life. Even when you live in as gorgeous of a place as the Big Island, you want to get away a time or two. Everyone needs to take a vacation from reality to allow their brain to be refreshed and rejuvenated. Living in Hawai’i is magnificent, gorgeous, and one of the closest places to paradise that you can live in. However, if you have several houses all over the country or even the world, then you probably can only spend a few months at each. As an elite property management company, we understand that when you leave to go on vacation you can’t just allow anyone to watch over your estate. Even friends or neighbors can be forgetful or inconsistent when it comes to checking on your home. Additionally, is your neighbor or friend really going to keep track of the yard maintenance services or if you need a pest control company? Probably not, which is why HomesGroup-Hawai’i can help you have the necessary peace of mind when you go to one of your other homes or on vacation.

About The Pualani Services: Our Top Service

Elite property management is when you watch over someone’s home while they are away. Either they have a second home elsewhere, it’s a rental, or the family is going on a lengthy vacation, the house is empty for a long time, which is where we step in. In Hawai’i, it is illegal to leave the island without having an emergency contact on the island. HomesGroup-Hawai’i can be the emergency contact for your home as well as offer an assortment of services to ensure your home is in top-notch shape. Our Pualani Service is one of our levels of an estate service. The Pualani service consists of being the on-island contact and accepting any packages that may show up on the homeowners’ behalf. Even though you may be gone, you’re still liable to get packages and other pieces of mail, which can be dangerous to leave around and allow to pile up. The Pualani service also includes two-quarter visits to your home to open the house for any service providers. These providers may be anything from yard maintenance services to personalized services. This service is perfect for those who may get mail while they are away and would like someone to check on the house periodically.

Why You Should Choose Our Elite Property Management Services

As an elite property management service, we know it’s important to leave your home with trustworthy people. We’ve had years of experience overseeing other people’s estates and we know what it takes to ensure your homes is properly taken care of. We connect with you as the owner for the necessary instructions and we’ll always respond with any questions or updates you may have about your home. If there is an emergency at your estate, then we’ll respond and assess the situation with full updates to ensure you know the seriousness of the situation. Our main goal is to ensure your peace of mind when you’re gone for three, six, or nines months. For any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to reach out.