A9Rqul161_40l11a_7ekAt HomesGroup-Hawai’i, we strive to ensure our team is dependable, friendly, and has the homeowner’s interests in mind. Meet the property managers from HomesGroup-Hawai’i, who will sustain your home. For any questions, you may have about our services, contact a property manager today.

For nearly 50 years, Bill Sanborn has been in the business of providing “peace of mind.” Bill and his partner, Sue Moss, are the owners of HomesGroup-Hawai‘i, make sure off-island homeowners don’t have to worry when it comes to the care of their second home. Bill learned about taking care of properties at a young age. Born and raised on O‘ahu, he grew up spending his summers on Kaua‘i at his family’s beach home on Hanalei Bay.

“It was a large plantation-style home built by my grandfather, who was the manager for Princeville Ranch,” says Bill. “I spent summers taking care of the property where my father grew up—doing whatever tasks he assigned me.”

J. William “Bill” Sanborn

Bill says he learned from an early age the challenges of taking care of a Hawai‘i property, including having to deal with salty air and tropical weather. He also learned the value of common sense and practical solutions to maintenance concerns. During those youthful summers, Bill developed a passion for real estate and property management that has remained with him ever since. He went on to graduate with a degree in management and real estate. Since 1971, he’s worked in real estate related fields, mortgage banking, and property service industries, and has been a licensed property management broker since 1977. In 1987, Bill and Sue, his partner for nearly 30 years, moved to Waimea where they live in close proximity to many of the resort properties the firm manages.

Sue Moss

In addition to supporting the Estate Services division of HomesGroup-Hawai‘i, Sue is an interior designer and the principal owner of Trans-Pacific Design. A current member and former national board member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Sue’s design work in the Kohala Coast resorts and residences, in Waimea, and in other areas of the state has received dozens of awards; it has also been featured in numerous magazine articles.

With Bill’s real estate and property services experience and Sue’s skills as an interior designer, there’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t handle when it comes to home oversight. Their expertise in assessing, recommending, and handling absentee homeowner concerns is widely known and appreciated. Bill explains that HomesGroup-Hawai‘i offers both Estate and Property services to its customers. Estate Services cover things such as home visits to check on homes whose owners are away. This includes a whole list of safety items, such as checking smoke detectors and exhaust/AC fans, ensuring that fire extinguishers are not past their expiration date, that appliances are in working order, looking for any plumbing leaks, and in particular, following up on specific concerns of the homeowner.

The Property Services division of HomesGroup-Hawai‘i handles long-term rentals, serving as the representative of the property owner. This service includes placing tenants, managing their concerns and handling necessary repairs and maintenance. As a Sustainable Hawai‘i State Business Corporation, HomesGroup-Hawai‘i is committed to providing underserved.


Joyce Frederick

Joyce began her real estate career in the summer of 2000. Born in Montreal, educated magna cum laude at the University of Virginia Commonwealth, her love of adventure finally cumulated with her move to Hawaii over 17 years ago. It was love at first sight. Hawaii offered her the opportunity to live the life of dreams. She decided in 2000, the beginning of the new century, to offer that dream to others so that they might also see an amazing life that could be a reality and attained her real estate license.

In addition to her love of Hawaii, she is the kind of person that delivers the dream. And she lives by it. No challenge is too tall for this savvy professional. After living on the Big Island of Hawaii for fifteen years managing the luxury real estate market for eleven years, she started her own business providing unequivocal Homeowner/Concierge services. This was a natural extension of her ability to provide perfect customer service for homeowners who wanted to protect their investment while they lived over 3,000 miles away.

Melding her passion for taking care of her clients and developing longstanding personal relationships, Joyce has navigated her way to Phoenix over the last four years to further develop a Mainland/Hawaii connection. It can be said that her “commute” is a bit unorthodox, but bringing Hawaii to the mainland is just one aspect of her devotion to all that is “Aloha”, or as the true meaning, “from the heart”.