HomesGroup-Hawai‘i handles a variety of property management services ranging from screening applicants for long-term property rentals to property sales. As one of the few certified sustainable Hawai‘i state business corporations on the Islands, HomesGroup-Hawai‘i is committed to providing under-served individuals and communities with beneficial rental housing services while matching property owner’s property use and expectations.

Our team includes an experienced licensed real estate broker with in-depth market expertise and thorough knowledge of local geography, history, and neighborhoods guiding those wishing to own property on Hawai’i Island.

Renting Your Hawai’i Island home

HomesGroup-Hawai‘i Property Management Services include tenant placement for long-term rentals on behalf of property owners. These services include seeking, screening, documenting, and placing long-term occupants for your home. We thoroughly review prospective tenants to reduce potential risks to your property.

Any requests by the tenant /occupants are communicated in a timely manner, addressed as directed by the property owners and accomplished as if it was our own home.

HomesGroup-Hawai‘i provides property overview services facilitating response and assessments needed for the owner. If needed, we can provide homeowners with referrals of on-island service providers that have demonstrated a track record for performing home repairs and maintenance. State rules require off-island homeowners to have a designated emergency contact on the Island. Our services include serving as that emergency contact, responding and assessing a situation, and contacting the appropriate authorities to secure the property as we contact the owners.

Selling your Hawai’i Island Home  

Our HomesGroup-Hawai‘i bundle of services for property owners includes property searches and facilitating home sales to fit any changes in a property owner’s needs or desires.

With deeply rooted ties in the community, HomesGroup-Hawai‘i has built an extensive network of business connections that they utilize to achieve results for you when it comes to selling or purchasing your Hawai‘i home.

Whether buying or selling, we are happy to consult with you on the best solutions for your real estate investments.

We provide quality service and attention to detail. Call (808) 887-1122 today for your second home services needs!