Bill Sanborn provides the kind of hands-on service that makes it easy to be an off-island property owner. Bill is trustworthy, full of good sense, personable and diplomatic. Bill handles problems with aplomb and with all the wisdom he has gained from a lifetime of experience in the real estate profession.

In the course of his contract with me, Bill has:
1) Stepped in to feed my cat when the tenants abandoned her;
2) Managed the yard service to ensure my properties were well maintained;
3) Changed lightbulbs and performed other routine maintenance services;
4) Followed up with utilities to ensure there were no service interruptions;
5) Sell furnishings which were not wanted by incoming tenants; and most importantly,
6) Communicate clearly, calmly and professionally with me, tenants, contractors & realtors.

I recommend Bill Sanborn wholeheartedly. He will handle both the day-to-day management of your property and work diligently to achieve your long-term goals for the sale or upkeep of your home.

Linda Copman