The sand between your toes, the smell of the ocean, the stickiness of sunscreen lining your skin, and the delicious smells of Hawaiian food wafting your way must be exactly what paradise feels like. If you live in West Hawai’i, then this situation is probably a familiar one. Whether you’ve just moved to Hawai’i to start afresh or you’ve lived here for decades, it never gets old to see the mid-afternoon swell of the waves and to eat fresh fruit from your porch. In addition, interacting with the gregarious people around West Hawai’i is always a delight.

If you’ve decided to come here recently, then you probably don’t know that many people on the island. When you decide to go on vacation or to go back to the mainland for some time with the family, you won’t have a reliable resource to watch over your home. Even if you’ve lived here for years, it can be hard to find a loyal and trustworthy person to watch over your home while you’re not there. In Hawai’i, when you leave for any portion of time it’s a necessity to have an emergency contact on the island just in case. For that reason, you shouldn’t be held back to go away for a vacation because you don’t know anyone who can watch your home. If you’re scheduling a vacation and need assistance watching your estate, then contact HomesGroup-Hawai’i.

The Services HomesGroup-Hawai’i Can Offer You

HomesGroup-Hawai’i is a personalized estate and management service company. This means that we’ll oversee your home while you’re away on vacation or spending time at your second home. Hawai’i is a fantastic place to live, but we know that a lot of people have homes in other places, which is why our estate and management company is a necessity. At HomeGroup-Hawai’i, we cater to second homes, vacation houses, and rental properties. Our estate and management services are centered around making sure your home is cared for while you’re away. It can be nerve-wrecking to leave your home without knowing who is going to take care of it. Thankfully, our services will ensure your estate is in top-notch care while you’re gone. We offer a variety of monthly overview services that allow your home to be kept in the shape you left it in. We’ll coordinate house cleanings, pest control services, and maintenance services, to name a few of the benefits we can offer. No one wants to leave their home without knowing who is going to look after it. Now, you can hire a reliable estate and management service so you know that everything is taken care of while you’re away. We offer both Estate Services and Property Services, so everything from your lawn maintenance to getting the mail is covered.

All About West Hawai’i 

West Hawai’i is an area on the Big Island. West Hawai’i, like all of Hawai’i, can offer historical sites, volcanoes, and beautiful views overlooking the water, especially at sunset or rise. With delicious food, gorgeous sites, and beautiful hikes, living in West Hawai’i is as close to paradise as one can get. Even being here for a little while, you’ll find the western portion of Hawai’i to be an idyllic place to be in. We cover the whole West Hawai’i area, so if you have an estate on this side of Hawai’i, then please don’t hesitate to contact us so your home can be properly cared for while you’re away.